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From Zero to Hero: C#

Courses Included in the Bundle

Everything you need to master the art of LINQ in .NET

author by Hannes Lowette

Get started with programming using the C# programming language

author by Nick Cosentino

Deep dive into the C# programming language and learn more features and patterns

author by Nick Cosentino

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11h 35m

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About the Author


Nick Cosentino

Nick Cosentino is a Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft and a .NET content creator. He manages the teams responsible for deploying the hundreds of services supporting the Microsoft365 suite of products to serve users across the planet. Nick brings his unique experiences to the Big Tech world having worked at a startup that scaled from a handful of employees to hundreds before it went public.

Nick runs a software engineering and dotnet-focused blog as well as a YouTube channel called Dev Leader. While he enjoys solving complex problems with software solutions, Nick is passionate about reducing barriers for people to get started on their software engineering journey.

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