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From Zero to Hero: Testing Essentials Bundle in .NET

by Nick Chapsas
by Gui Ferreira

Courses Included in the Bundle

Master the craft of TDD from the basics to the most advanced concepts

author by Gui Ferreira

Everything you need to know to Unit Test your C# codebases

author by Nick Chapsas

Everything you need to know to integration test your ASP.NET Core codebases

author by Nick Chapsas

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13h 32m

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About the Authors


Nick Chapsas

Nick Chapsas is a .NET & C# content creator, educator and a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies with years of experience in Software Engineering and Engineering Management.

He has worked for some of the biggest companies in the world, building systems that served millions of users and tens of thousands of requests per second.

Nick creates free content on YouTube and is the host of the Keep Coding Podcast.

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Gui Ferreira

Guilherme Ferreira, also known as Gui, is a Minimalist Software Craftsman, passionate about simplicity and continuous learning. Gui is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, a Tech Speaker, a YouTuber, and a .NET content creator. With over 15 years of experience in software development, Gui went from Startups to Tech Giants. Along his journey, he got to know several hats, including Software Engineer, Architect, CTO, and Developer Advocate, gathering a diverse and invaluable skill set.

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